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Our next Brand Thought Leadership Summit is on Friday, October 25, 2019 — Hosted by Joseph M. Olender

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Brand Thought Leadership Ladder


You can climb the Brand Thought Leadership Ladder by earning points. Scroll down to see the perks you get for achieving a higher status and how you can earn points to get there. If you’re curious how other people achieved their status, just click on their name.


POINTS & Perks

What does it take you to climb the ladder and what do you get?

Brand Peasant




Brand Thinker

200+ Points


Socks and/or LinkedIn Endorsements from Barry & Stijn

Brand Executive

500+ Points


A must-have IP T-Shirt
(limited edition)


1000+ Points

Brand Senator.png

An IP branded jacket
(collector’s item)

Thought Leader

5000+ Points


IP Sapphire Centurion Platinum Diamond Priority Box w/ lounge access




Submit Brand Event Photos (up to 15 pts)

Email all 3 of the following types of pictures of your brand events (workshops, speeches, summits etc.) to Barry & Stijn and win 10 points for each project member in the team photo. You can win an additional 5 points if you send a social media caption along with the photos.

Close Up.jpg


A close-up picture of the speaker. Don’t be shy to get up during a presentation and use that portrait mode.

Wide shot.jpg

Wide Shot

A wide shot of the speaker with the audience. Taken from the front or back of the room.



A photo of the IP team members involved. Close-up is great unless there’s a background worth capturing.

Share IP social media posts (up to 20 pts)

Earn up to 20 points by simply sharing an IP social media post on your personal LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You get 5 points for each platform you share the post on. This means you can earn up to 20 points by sharing a post on all 4 platforms. The post has to be shared within 3 days of post date to qualify.


Attend Toastmasters (30 pts)

Yes, earning points can be easy. By attending a Toastmasters session, you can earn 30 points. Just like that. No need to give a speech, evaluate, educate, or joke. Just attend, listen, speak, and learn.

This can be any Toastmasters Club in LA, NY, SF, or other parts of the world. The only thing you need to do is claim your points below within a week after the attended Toastmasters session.

Name *
Confirm you attended a Toastmasters session *
Use your best judgement to decide what share-worthy is. We know you know when it is.

Submit Brand Musings (50 pts)

A Brand Musing is an original insight or perspective that you have, that might not call for an entire article. Submit your Brand Musing by completing the form below.

Name *
(e.g. Brand Experience, Employer Branding, Brand Research, etc.)
One ready-to-publish paragraph

Attend BTL Summits (100 pts)

Once a month we’ll take over IP showcase to make sure that we’re all up to date with the latest brand trends and insights. We do this through a remarkable Brand Thought Leadership Summit. You can earn 100 points by simply attending those summits in person or remotely. If you host one, you can earn 250 points.



12:00 – Lunch to be decided by host JMO

12:05 – Barry & Stijn share the received content

12:10 – Content Voting: the creator/team of the content-piece with the most votes gets additional points (+30% of the amount of points earned with the winning content-piece)

12:15 – JMO introduces the theme of the month

12:30 – Brand Thought Leadership discussion

12:55 – Closing

01:00 – Back to work

Submit Brand Articles (300 pts)

Submit your Brand Article (min. 300 words) by providing us a link to your document below.

Name *
Google Doc / Teams Doc


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I co-create content with my coworkers? Yes, in this case the amount of points will be split between the both of you. We call this the “split the workload, split the points” principle. The only exception of “co-creation” that will get you the full amount of points is submitting Brand Event photos - in this case each team member of the project gets 10 points.

  2. Can I get points for content I’ve submitted previously? No, we want to make sure that everyone can start participating in this initiative as equals, no matter how long they’ve been at IP. Therefore, we’ve decided that we will only grant points for the content created and submitted after the launch of this website, on September 27th, 2019. This means you cannot send us your Brand Event photos from the past 2 years, out-of-date articles, etc.

  3. Why does my status not immediately update after submitting content? It may take up to 5 business days before your content is reviewed and approved. Once approved, the points will be added to the BTL Ladder.

  4. Once I achieve the Brand Thought Leadership status, do I maintain this status forever? No, your points are valid for 1 year. After a year the points subtract themselves on a rolling basis from your current score. That said, we will continue to incentivize you by adding new perks every year.

  5. Can I earn points for photos of casual events at IP? No, although we appreciate you capturing these special moments, these points will exclusively be rewarded for events that are Brand Thought Leadership related. This means that you won’t get points for pictures of Pony at an IP birthday party, but you will get points for photos of a BTL event at IP (think speeches, workshops, BTL Summits, etc.)


If you still have a question that wasn’t addressed above, please contact us via the form below.

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